Land Administration, Planning and Management


Bylot Island – Qikiqtani Region

The Lands Division will provide policy development support and advice on issues relating to land administration, planning and management activities and issues in Nunavut; develops and, if required, directly administers rules and procedures for the management of jointly owned lands (with Makivik Corporation); monitors compliance on Inuit Owned Lands with NTI policies, procedures and regulations related to land administration, planning and management; and acts as liaison between NTI and RIA’s, IPG’s, government departments, and other organizations or corporations with related mandates or operations.  Utilising leading-edge GIS, Internet and data base technologies, the Lands Division is responsible for designing, maintaining and managing NTI’s Inuit Owned Lands Management Information System (IOLMIS).

Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Online

The Department of Lands and Resources promotes and protects Inuit interests in the lands and resources of Nunavut, so as to promote economic self-sufficiency in accordance to Inuit social and cultural needs and aspirations.