Minerals, Oil and Gas Management


Bylot Island – Qikiqtani Region

NTI holds (on behalf of Inuit) the title to 38,000 square kilometres of mineral rights in Nunavut, including rights to oil and gas. The main purpose of these rights is to enable NTI to participate in the minerals, oil and gas industries. This department provides policy development support and advice on issues relating to minerals, oil and gas exploration and development activities in Nunavut; oversees the administration of procedures relating to mineral oil and gas exploration and mining of NTI-managed land; monitors compliance on Inuit Owned Lands with NTI policies, procedures and regulations related to exploration and development; promotes exploration and development on Inuit Owned Lands and elsewhere in Nunavut; and acts as liaison between NTI and RIA’s, government departments, and other organizations or corporations with related mandates or operations.

The Department of Lands and Resources promotes and protects Inuit interests in the lands and resources of Nunavut, so as to promote economic self-sufficiency in accordance to Inuit social and cultural needs and aspirations.